If you’re a fan of UK Rap or Grime, you’ll know that a majority of the popular artists are from London, with the exception of artists like Bugzy Malone or Mist. But there are plenty of very talented artists from the rest of the UK too. There are cities all over Britain such as Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield or Leeds that have thriving urban music scenes.

Leeds in particular has a buzzing scene with a bunch of artists getting thousands of views on YouTube, on channels such as First Media TV. But still, when you ask someone to name the top artists in the UK, Leeds artists are rarely mentioned. There are people with real talent in Leeds, and these are some of the people you should know about.



Graft is my favourite artist in Leeds. His powerful delivery, reminiscent of the likes of Stormzy or Abra Cadabra, sets him apart from other rappers. Just check out these songs below – you’ll want to hear a lot more.


Harris Hameed

Harris previously featured on popular BBC One show ‘The Voice UK‘, in which his performance has gained almost a million views on YouTube. More recently he’s featured in freestyles and music videos with the perfect combination of both singing and rapping. Some of these videos have hit hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook, even being shared by UNILAD.



Although AJ is only 14 years old, he’s easily one of the hardest in Leeds. From Lockdown Leeds 2 to his latest video Money Over Pagans, all of his music videos look amazing, with most shot in 4K quality. He’s a popular artist amongst the younger audience in Leeds – every video he puts out gets thousands of views in the first day.



Dialect has long been amongst the top artists in Leeds, featuring on big channels like SBTV and Don’t Flop numerous times. With his unique flow and delivery, it’s no surprise that he has thousands of fans and he deserves to be more popular around the country.



Whilst Recky hasn’t released a music video in a while, he’s been posting new tracks on Soundcloud every couple of weeks. And every single one is a hit. He’s been working hard for several years and has a strong following in Leeds. Check out a couple of my personal favourites below.



Peggz has blown up recently with videos on channels like P110 and Link Up TV. He often works with his close friend and artist, Dread, and have both deservedly been racking up thousands of views.


Jimmy Long

Jimmy Long is one of the most consistent rappers in the city. With deep freestyles, such as his BL@CKBOX, and bangers, such as Panda Remix, there’s no doubt he’s up there with the best in Leeds. You should check out these videos below.


Blacxy Reign

Blacx has been killing it since before 2013, with his freestyle on First Media TV being the one to catch my eye. Although he’s only featured on a couple of tracks and released one music video in the last 2 years he’s still constantly mentioned along with the top artists in the city.



Pertrelli’s unique sound will make you want to listen instantly. You can tell that he has a lot of fun when he makes music, with his catchy flows and brilliant lyricism making him stand out. Check out these tunes and you’ll see what I mean.


Levz Montana

With videos on Link Up TV and First Media TV, you definitely need to check out Levz Montana’s music. His real lyrics, hooking flows and smart punchlines on hard trap beats will certainly catch your attention.


P Solja

Like Dialect, P Solja has long been amongst the top artists in Leeds. He regularly features in rap battles, recently battling infamous Blackpool grime artist Afghan Dan, and even travelling to cities like Copenhagen to perform on Don’t Flop.


Phantom Boys

Notez, YefeGraft and Luca Ray make up Phantom Boys. Originally just Notez and Yefe, with the others recently joining, they’ve been killing tracks for years now. These guys shouldn’t be underestimated and are sure to blow up soon.


These are just a small number of the talented artists in Leeds. If you like what you hear, you can check out more similar videos on Leeds’ largest music channel First Media TV.

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