It’s February 2017, there’s still 14 games to go, but let’s face it…we’re not going to win the league. Again.

We miserably lost 3-1 to Chelsea – who now happen to be 12 points ahead of us – and we suffered an, arguably worse, 2-1 defeat to 10th-place Watford. It’s a disgrace.

But is it really surprising? Year, after year, we get to February or March-time and we seem to fall behind the league leaders. Year, after year, we talk about which players we desperately need to sign.

Who should Arsenal sign this summer? These are the top 5 transfers that Arsenal need to make this summer (in an ideal world):

1. Romelu Lukakuarsenal-blog-2

Wenger is going to have to splash a lot of cash if he wants to sign Lukaku, but, if you look at the Arsenal squad right now, wouldn’t Lukaku solve pretty much all of Arsenal’s problems? And, with 16 goals in 23 games, so far this season, he’s in tremendous form – something that Arsenal are in dire need of.

2. David Alaba

If I had a penny for every defensive mistake Monreal has made this season, I’d be a very rich person. Realistically, we can’t afford to go another season without a replacement so we’ll need someone new this summer. That perfect replacement would be David Alaba. He’s young, fast, experienced and has the potential to be as good as the likes of Ashley Cole and Roberto Carlos one day.

3. Marco Reusarsenal-blog-4

Arsenal fans have had their eyes on Marco Reus for a good few years now, but our dreams never seem to come true, sadly. For obvious reasons, he would fit in perfectly at Arsenal. Could this finally be the year he joins us?

4. Riyad Mahrez

Although Mahrez is yet to reach the heights of last season, he is a tremendous talent. With his silky passes, perfect dribbling, and ability to keep hold of the ball, he’s another player who would fit right in at Arsenal. We were linked with Mahrez last summer, and this transfer feels slightly more realistic than the names mentioned above.

5. Hector Bellerinarsenal-blog-6

Yes, he is already an Arsenal player, but for every second that Bellerin stays at the club, I will be grateful. He’s an amazing young talent, who only seems to keep on improving, and Wenger really does need to do everything in his power to keep him away from Barcelona. Or, even worse, Man City.

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